The ZeitGard Cleansing Gel Soft For ZeitGard Cleansing System

ZeitGard Cleansing Gel Soft




  • Cleansing system cream for gentle face cleansing
  • With a smooth creamy texture
  • Suitable for daily facial cleansing
  • Ideal for soft skin types
  • Quantity: 125 ml
  • Made in Germany

ZeitGard Cleansing Gel Soft

The ZeitGard Cleansing Gel – Cream Soft For ZeitGard Cleansing System.

The Cleansing Gel Soft together with the cleaning brush ensures gently cleansed facial skin up to 10 times more effectively.

The mild, creamy texture of the cleansing gel cleanses the skin gently, mildly and skin-friendly. The cream combines optimally with the filaments of the cleaning brush and cleanses the skin without splashing and dripping. After cleaning, it leaves a soft-nourished skin feeling.

* Scientific study carried out by the renowned institute Dermatest GmbH
Application period: 6 weeks (end of January to beginning of March 2015), number of subjects: 40

Apply 2 drops (2 metering pump strokes) of the cleaning product onto wet brush.
Massage with the brush for 20 seconds on each face part (forehead / nose / cheeks and jaw) Rinse thoroughy and apply your cream. You will be impressed!

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