Zeitgard Cleansing Brush Soft Kit - Gentle depth Cleansing of Facial Skin!


Zeitgard Cleansing Brush Soft Kit

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  • The set includes a Zeitgard 1, Soft Brush and Cleansing Gel
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Cleans the skin up to 10 times more effectively than manual cleansing
  • Achieves a refined, smoothed skin image, optimally prepared for the care
  • With special, soft brush filaments with Microsilver technology
  • Part of the innovative ZeitGard Cleansing System
  • Made in Germany

Zeitgard Cleansing Brush Soft Kit

Zeitgard Cleansing Brush Soft Kit – Gentle depth Cleansing of Facial Skin!

Thorough cleaning is especially important because fine dirt particles and make-up residues affect the skin. The ZeitGard Cleansing Brush cleans the skin in depth.

Thanks to the Microsilver technology, the Soft Brush Cleaning Brush provides you with a healthy face cleansing for up to 3 months. Then you have to replace the brush with a new one that will again offer you an ideal facial cleansing. With the Soft brush you enjoy a mild and effective ZeitGard cleaning every time. Just remove the used brush of the device and place the new one and your device will be new again! The antibacterial Microsilver technology that the brushe’s fibers include, gives protection from bacteria to the brush in every application making cleaning with the Zeitgard device more hygienic.

The result:

Improved skin texture through deep cleansing
Better preparation for further care steps
Fresh complexion after stimulation of the blood circulation

From Zeitgard Cleansing System Serie

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