Racine Q10 Intensive Collagen Serum - for a fresh, young and smooth skin

Racine Q10 Intensive Collagen Serum



  • Anti aging moisture booster
  • Highly concentrated serum
  • Provides more resilience and elasticity
  • Also suitable for tired and dry skin
  • Product made in Germany
  • Content: 30 ml


Racine Q10 Intensive Collagen Serum

Racine Q10 Intensive Collagen Serum – For A Fresh, Young And Smooth Skin


Intense moisture with a special effect: The collagen serum was developed to soften wrinkles and to strengthen the structure of the skin. The facial lineaments can be more relaxed after use. The concentrated active ingredients intensively nourish the skin and support its natural regeneration.

Collagen is a body protein that keeps the skin taut and elastic. Used as an ingredient in cosmetics, collagen quickly moisturizes the skin, which becomes firm and smooth.



Apply in the morning after cleaning on the face, neck and décolleté. Then choose the cream treatment suitable for the type of skin.

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