Powerlift Anti Aging Face Cream - Hydrates, revitalizes and firms the skin

Powerlift Anti Aging Face Cream



  • Light anti wrinkle face cream
  • Provides hydration, revitalization and firming to the skin, for more vitality, energy and elasticity
  • With oat peptides, hyaluronic acid, algal extract and a coctail of 7 extracts with hydrating and anti-wrinkle action
  • Also suitable for men’s skin
  • Product made in Germany
  • Content: 30 ml

Powerlift Anti Aging Face Cream

Powerlift Anti Aging Face Cream – Hydrates, Revitalizes And Firms For Greater Vitality, Energy And Tone


Power Lift contributes to the cellular renewal of the skin and gives it a strong hydrating charge for greater vitality. The skin is revitalized and firmed with a double effect: freshness and softness thanks to hyaluronic acid and oat peptides. The light creamy emulsion containing hyaluronic acid, algae extract and a mixture of 7 herbal extracts is quickly absorbed and moisturizes the skin intensely. Ideal when you are away from home.

Double rapid effect that includes a lifting effect thanks to hyaluronic acid, Reductine and herbal extracts, as well as an anti-aging effect for the reactivation of skin regeneration with Algae, Tocopherol, Lipodermol with vitamins A and E, lecithin and essential fatty acids of the skin (lipids).

Hyaluronic acid is a powerful active ingredient that firms skin and protects collagen and elastin fibers.

Use Powerlift morning and evening evenly and tap the cream extensively all over your face.

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