Deluxe Wear Foundation - active peptide complex offer natural, even look

Deluxe Wear Foundation



  • Soft Foundation with medium coverage & sun protection
  • Blends harmoniously with the skin, offering a flawless and radiant look
  • With SPF 37
  • Available in 6 natural color variations
  • Product made in Germany
  • Content: 30 ml

Deluxe Wear Foundation

Deluxe Perfect Wear Foundation Offer Natural, Even Look

Deluxe Wear Foundation is Make-up that spreads like a protective “second skin layer”. Many Foundations are heavy and overlay the face, clogging the pores and creating a “mask” effect, resulting in an unnatural skin appearance. The soft Lr Deluxe Foundation blends softly with the skin, offering a natural result.

The goal is a natural, even skin appearance. Thanks to its silky texture, the foundation blends softly with the skin, without stressing it. Its medium coverage and active peptide complex offer a natural, even look. In addition, the product is enriched with nourishing ingredients and SPF 37.

The Deluxe Perfect Foundation is available in 6 color variations – for impeccable style.


Apply the Foundation evenly on a clean face, after applying day cream and primer. The Foundation is available in 6 colors: 1 & 2 fit the lighter skin types, 3 & 4 are ideal for medium skin types, while 5 & 6 are intended for darker skin types.

For a professional result, apply the Foundation using a foundation brush. We also recommend the use of a primer, such as the Lr Deluxe Radiant Skin Primer, prior to the application of the Foundation.


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