Colours Oil free Makeup For A Smooth And Flawless Complexion

Colours Oil Free Makeup



  • Moisturizing: With a Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) * that helps to balance the moisture levels of the skin
  • Light-reflecting elements cover skin’s unevenness.
  • Long Lasting: Thin micro particles ensure that the skin’s appearance will stay matte for many hours
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Content: 30 ml



Colours Oil Free Makeup

Colours Oil free Make-up for a smooth and flawless complexion!

Colours Oil Free Makeup Moisturizing formula with an NMF * complex that maintains the skin’s moisture level

A beautiful, even complexion makes for a great look and makes you look just fine. The Oil free make-up is the ideal make-up if you tend to oily skin. The oil-free texture compensates for bumps, mattes the complexion and moisturizes. Thanks to the great variety of colors, you will definitely find the perfect shade for your skin tone!

Make-up edges really do not have to be! When applying, always make sure to let the transitions ‘soft’ and choose a color shade that exactly matches your skin tone (in winter this is usually a lighter color than in summer).

The Oil free make-up is available in the following variants: Light Sand, Medium Sand, Light Caramel, Medium Caramel, Dark Sand and Dark Caramel

NMF: * High organization system that allows the interaction of skin components with physiological active substances in the epidermis

Apply the make-up evenly to your face with your hands or a sponge, avoiding the eye area.

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