Colours Double Eyeshadow - Two Unique Colors For A Breathtaking Look

Colours Double Eyeshadow



  • Two unique colors for a breathtaking look
  • Vivid colors with intense brightness
  • Soft, powdery texture with light-reflecting iridescent elements
  • With metallic elements and Phycocorail®
  • Available in a variety of colors



Colours Double Eyeshadow

Colours Double Eyeshadow – Two Unique Colors For A Breathtaking Look

This is part of the make-up basic equipment: eyeshadow duos that look great and can be easily combined. Like the fresh colors of Eyeshadow’s colors.

A high color pigment content makes it possible to achieve an exceptionally brilliant and effective finish.

The Colors Eyeshadows are available in eight color variants with light-reflecting luster particles: fresh Mint’n’Pine, cool blue Sky ‘n’ Water, romantic Rose ‘n’ Gray, modern Taupe ‘n’ bronze, self-assured Cashmere ‘n’ Copper, mysterious Mauve ‘ n ‘Plum, Glamorous Gold’ n ‘Bronze and Vintage Rose’ n ‘Grape.

Colours Eyeshadows are particularly skin-friendly and exceptionally soft thanks to Phycocorail, a plant-based mineral powder from fossil lime red algae. The fine powder creates a particularly even, long-lasting eye make-up that does not settle in the eyelid fold.

For a subtle look, apply the darker eye shadow evenly from the lash line to the eyelid crease and gently blend into the lighter tone. For an intensive result, apply the eyeshadow several times.

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